HOW TO USE- Place your Ice Globes in the fridge or bowl of ice for at least 10 minutes before starting (the colder the better but do not place in the freezer!) Glide or roll globes over the face in slow, gentle movements, taking time to pause on the eye area and in areas with more inflammation or breakouts, allowing them to cool and calm any redness. Using my Rose Infused facial oil will help the globes glide easier, this will help maximise absorption of your products - allowing skin to soak up the goodness of your oils and serums.

O’Beautys Pink Ice Globes

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  • Bespoke to Obeautys, the benefits of Ice Globes include:

    • Speeds up toxin removal - lymphatic drainage, relieves tension, headaches and sinus pains
    • Reduce puffiness - facial swelling and puffy eyes
    • Tightens skin - reduces fine lines and tightens pores
    • Brighter complexion - the cold stimulatges blow flow making your skin more radiant
    • Soothes Skin - reduces irritation and redness
    • Maximizes absorption of products - allows skin to soak up the goodness of your serums and moisurisers.
  • Postage and Packaging £5 or available to pick up at my salon. More stock coming soon!