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The Brand

Welcome to O’Beautys! My name is Jodie I’m now 29 and I am the founder of O’Beautys. I am a qualified Skin/Beauty therapist/Educator in Manchester and provide a wide range of facial treatments, body treatments and training courses in my studio located in Manchester.

My journey started within the Beauty industry when I was 17, my mum wanted me to follow her footsteps and go into nursing and my dad always wanted me to get into holistic therapy as he did sports massage when he was at college. When I left school I decided to do a media makeup course at Worsley college. During the course I hated having to take my makeup of in class as I was so unconfident in my own skin suffering  really bad with acne brake outs, I hated getting my makeup done of other students as my face was getting worse and didn’t no where to start to get my skin better/healthy.

I offered makeup every Saturday in my first salon job but wasn’t getting nowhere and just lost interest in the end. I realised makeup was definitely not my passion. Skin and holistic therapy most certainly was. So one day I decided to go into White Rose beauty college in Manchester to enquire about a beauty therapy diploma. I was age 20 with no clients, I was working full time in an office, going to college on a Wednesday. I had zero motivation as I had nowhere to set up to offer treatments and just had no time with my other full time job. After a few months in beauty school  building my confidence and applying for every salon/spa job in Manchester I finally got some job interviews! I went for around 5-8 and never heard anything. Then one night I received an email I had got one of the jobs at a waxing studio (Brazilian waxing company)  in Manchester. Body Waxing wasn’t the path I wanted to go down but I thought I could gain some experience within a busy salon environment. I was made to leave the job after 8 weeks as they needed someone full time and my college on a Wednesday was affecting that. I felt like I was back to square one. 


A few weeks later after Re applying for my dream job and I finally landed myself a spa therapist job in Debenhams/The Hilton Hotel. I genially cried I was so happy! I LOVED IT! I was offering massage, facials, waxing, lash extensions, lash lifts and more. I was offered the head therapist job after 18 months of working there and was feeling so proud! This position gained me so much experience on how to look after and run the spa day to day. I was there for 3 years all together and believe that if I didn’t have that job I wouldn’t be where I am today. The manager was understanding and let me work part time so I could build up my very own little beauty business/clientele renting a small room in a local salon. 

After just 6 months of being part time at Spa Urban Oasis I was ready to step up and become fully self employed and it was THE BEST decision I have made! I am now not only offering treatments but have been able to start offering training courses with a lot of blood, sweat, tears and hard work! My passion is skin and beauty therapy! I have a lot planned over the next couple of years, one day to have my own training academy! 

Please continue to follow and support me on my Dream! 


The O’Beautys Founder- 

Jodie X

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